MunMun Malik is an outstanding wedding coordinator. She went above and beyond to make our wedding day memorable and perfect! She not only is thorough and gives attention to detail, she thinks ahead and foresees what needs to be done next, to prevent any mishaps that may potentially happen. Above all, she is a gem of a person to work with and gave the whole wedding party and our vendors a warm, fun experience!

~ Pallavi & Cyril

We’ve known Sheereen and Mun for many years and have seen how well-organized and meticulous they are in orchestrating events, whether small birthday bashes or large outings with friends and family. They’re both out-going and able to get things done when necessary. From the moment we were engaged, to the days leading up to the wedding, they both offered amazing guidance and assistance. From Mun’s detailed spreadsheets, which were a great help in organizing such a daunting process, to Sheereen’s extensive knowledge of vendors and their strengths and weaknesses, they helped us through the grueling process of planning one of the biggest events of our lives. They had the knowledge and experience to not only highlight potential problem areas but were also able to focus on the areas that needed attention versus spreading ourselves thin by concentrating on anything and everything. With their help we were able to successfully plan and execute our big day!

~ Sejal & Anish

Our wedding wouldn’t have been what it was without the help of Sheereen. As our unofficial wedding coordinator and my official best friend I knew I had everything I needed on this day (well, the groom, family and friends were required too!). She was there from the moment we got engaged and guided us every step of the way. Our weddings were three weeks apart but somehow Superwoman Sheereen managed both weddings down to every detail, including a final hoorah in NYC with the girls. She provided helpful tips, a lending hand and even a shoulder to cry on when it all got so overwhelming. After a long day of her own, she would call to help out with anything as small (and important) as seating cards to something as big as finalizing our Garba Night. On two hours of sleep (I kept her up the night before the wedding to finalize the last minute odds and ends), Sheereen ensured I got to my hair and makeup appointment on time the morning of the big day, was in the mandap as required by the astrology Gods, never went without a drink on the dance floor, and surprised at the end of our big day by a fully decorated rose-petal bed! As much as THANK YOU won’t cut it, it’s the least I can say for all that you did for us. Wishing you and the SOSN team much success in the future!

~ Payal & Jay

SOSN was there from the moment we picked our wedding venues to the very end of the night on our wedding day. SOSN gave us wonderful suggestion for vendors that specialized in mandaps and stage décor, makeup/hair artist, DJ, and a place where Sahil and I can get wedding and reception outfits. Their suggestions were vital during the wedding planning process. After all the vendors were booked, Sheereen and MunMun met with Sahil and I a few times before the wedding to help us stay on point. They took responsibility off our hands and took it upon themselves. SOSN was there to help out and escort our guests to their tables and made sure that all the vendors were on the same page. The only responsibility we had that night was to be ready and show up. We were so happy with the outcome of the wedding ceremony and reception!

~ Sahil & Anuja